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Patients often ask, “what is my ideal weight?” or “how much do I need to lose?” The answer is complicated. The truth is that your weight does not really determine whether or not you get diabetes, abnormal cholesterol numbers, high blood pressure, etc. It is your body composition and the amount of body fat that your have that determines this. As a result, we test your body fat in the office with a device that is hand-held and gives a rough approximation of your body fat percentage. For years, it has been our goal to offer a more precise method to determine the body composition of patients. The good news is that Doctor Simonds Weight Loss now has one – The InBody 770. The 770 is a precision machine that gives complete details on your body composition. The test itself is quick, painless, and it generates a nice two page report giving the patient plenty of details. Among other things it gives precise detail on the amount of fat, lean mass, and water in each of your body’s segments – right and left arms, right and left legs, and trunk. Going into 2015 we are the only business in all of North Carolina to have an InBody 770. If you are interested in having this test performed call our office for more details. You can download an information sheet about this device here.



Dr. Simonds is a licensed provider of the KE Diet. We are currently not offering the KE Diet services. If you are interested in the KE Diet, please check the KE website for other providers in the area. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Obesity is a widespread disease affecting a large percentage of the population.  You can do something about your weight and Dr. Simonds can give you the tools for you to make it happen.

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