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Your first visit is approximately 60 minutes and includes a medical and diet history, physical evaluation and treatment plan development. You will be seen and evaluated by Dr. Simonds or one of our nurse practitioners or physician assistants. Follow-up visits occur monthly. Medications are refilled at each visit for one month at a time. Patients are welcome to come in to weigh anytime between visits, at no charge.  The initial visit is $200. Follow-up visits are $75. This does not include the cost of medications. The average monthly cost for the appetite suppressant is $30.  Your provider will work with you to determine if medications that we offer would be helpful and the costs for those medications will be discussed with you.

I lost 55 pounds
with the help of Dr. Simonds! - Sheila

*results may vary

Obesity is a widespread disease affecting a large percentage of the population.  You can do something about your weight and Dr. Simonds can give you the tools for you to make it happen.

*Results may vary



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